Discus eating eggs

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My discus lay eggs frequently but rarely do they reach the hatching stage. If the parents dont eat the eggs them selves, other discus will. I’ve tried seperating other discus but this puts them off breeding totaly. They only like breeding in a comunity tank. Any ideas?

1. All animals by instinct they know how and what to do before they want to breed, spawn, lay eggs or give birth to a baby.
2. Birds will make a new nest, dogs will look for a location with shelter and a quiet place, fish will clean a location they feel safe to lay eggs.
3. When your fish is confined to a tank, which has no suitable place for them to lay eggs, they will pick the place they think is best. They have no choice. But most of the time ended with disappointment, as the parents cannot fight with so many others.
4. When your discus fish spawn you should observe them closely. Make sure is the right pair. If by error you keep the wrong pair surely they will be off breeding.
5. If you are not sure of the pair, use a wire mesh to cover the eggs and you will notice there is two fish will take turns to nurse the eggs.
6. How happy your fish will be when you provide a special place for only both of them to lay eggs.
7. Of course there is occasion that they will temporary stop breeding due to the environmental reason. Give them time to overcome it.

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