Discus Eggs Methylene Blue

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I took the advise on putting Methylene Blue in the tank when my discus layed eggs.   Works great,  question is when to return the carbon to the filter to start to clear the water  and how much of a water change should be done when they go from wigglers to free swimmers.  Almost appears to me that the parents have a little bit of a hard time following the fry with the tank being blue?  Please let me know if i should let it run its course or do frequent water changes to lighten the water after they become fry.

The breeding tank should be bare bottom.
You need only air stone and no filter.
You will siphon the dirt at the bottom of the tank then top up the water.
The color of water can even be in dark blue. The parents will feel more secured. They do not feel much shadow falls on them.
You can change water 2 – 3 times a day. (20%)

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