Discus fish, aquarium with small stones?

Written by allan on . Posted in Aquarium Tank

hi.. i want to know can i keep discus fish in my aquarium with small stones? cause its hard to clean aquarium with small stones. i also want to know that i got 18 discus fish, some 20 tetra fish, 4 tiger loze,4 Asiatic fish in my aquarium together. so how many days interval i should siphon my aquarium? my aquarium is 60 inch long and 18 inch in height. please tell me its also ok to keep them together or not? thank you.

You have a big aquarium. I suppose you setup with filters, plants and driftwood. It is lovely.
It is ok with the stones. Those fishes you keep other than discus fish are ok. They will not interfere the discus fish.

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