• Discus Fights

    Discus fighting with each other When discus fights it is the manner to show you what they feel, what they want, what they complain etc. You then must find out what are actually the matters. You have to stop them fighting. Otherwise, they will get hurt and stress. Finally they will get sick. Bacteria will […]
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  • Tank Filters

    Fish tank filter types Filters are used to process waste and impurities so that the water quality remains pristine, keeping your tank inhabitants healthy. Numerous types of filters are available for different applications: Internal filters sit inside the tank. A basket/housing holds the filter media and a pump circulates the water through the media Power […]
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  • Water Changing in Fish Tanks

    Changing water Necessary precaution you should bear in mind when you change water. Check the in coming water with the chlorine tester. So you know the concentration of chlorine at this moment. Sometimes water contains no chlorine. Water conditioners you apply vary all the time. Amount of water you change (25% or 50%) does not […]
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  • What is the best food to feed Discus fish?

    How to Feed your Discus Fish Discus eats all kinds of food and they like live food: Brine Shrimp – fry / baby discus Tubifex worm – young discus (1.5 in size) Bloodworm, Beef heart burger – young discus (2in size) to adult discus Dry food or pellets – young discus (2in size) to adult […]
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  • Improve Colors

    Improve colors using natural enhancer Natural enhancer is to get from the natural food. The shrimps or prawns can improve in red. The cockle shell meat can improve in yellow. Spirulina can brighten the colors, especially red. Related Posts:Discus Fish changed colorsHuaYang Tank For Your Fish Aquarium Decoration Celebration…4 Colors Plastic Robo Fish Emulation Toy […]
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