Changing water

Necessary precaution you should bear in mind when you change water. Check the in coming water with the chlorine tester. So you know the concentration of chlorine at this moment. Sometimes water contains no chlorine. Water conditioners you apply vary all the time. Amount of water you change (25% or 50%) does not matter. You can even change 100% (We always do). After you have topped up the water, add the water conditioners gradually. Check the water with the chlorine tester every time you add in the water conditioner, until you are satisfied and make sure there is no more chlorine.

Water change method:

  1. Let’s say the water level in your tank is 12” and you want 100% water changed
  2. Siphon or let go 8” of water and then turn on the in coming water
  3. Carry on siphoning the remainder 4” of water until you feel that the water is clean. Then you can stop siphoning and slowly top up the water 12”
  4. Add the water conditioner to get rid of chlorine. That’s it!

Water pH and temperature:

  1. The pH and water temperature cannot maintain constant all the time
  2. But the fish can adjust the change of pH and temperature to suit them AND the change should be gradual
  3. The tank has 4” of water. This is the pH and water temperature in the tank. The in coming water you add in has different pH and temperature. You mix them together slowly. The fish will adjust the pH and temperature while you top up the water

Discus water change frequency

  1. You can do water change daily after feeding by changing 5% – 10% of the fish tank water, which will take less than 10 to 15 mins or
  2. You can do it weekly by changing 25% to 50% of your fish tank water

Easy Maintenance Water Change Method for keeping Discus

Method 1

Water changes are going to be necessary, but there is no reason that they have to be “too much”. You can get a simple under the sink Reverse Osmosis system and do a 50% water change once a week. If you buy a Python water exchange hook up for your sink, it can all be done in less than 15 minutes a week. It is definitely worth it as there is no more beautiful fish, saltwater or freshwater, than the discus.

Method 2

If you have fix your tank with air filtration, constant airflow and located in suitable location with no algae growth, you probably need not worry much about changing water. You only top up the water when the water level dropped due to the evaporation. Or you can siphon ¼ of water once a week. One thing you must be very careful: Do not overfeed the discus. It will pollute your tank then changing water is necessary. You need not fear that keeping discus hobby is difficult. It will reward you in many other ways. Look forward to see you start on Discus keeping as a hobby!

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