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Hi. My main problem is that I have created a special food for my discus, which includes all the ingredients that you have posted in your site, but my problem is that the water gets all cloudy, I give them this kind of food 3 times a day. What can I do to make my water clear and continue giving them this king of food? Thank you very much for you cooperation.

We are happy to hear from you that you have prepared your fish food includes all the ingredients that we have posted in our website. This is an excellent, perfect food for discus.

For family use, you need to have a small ice cube tray, and then place your prepared food (dough) in that cube tray. Put them in the freezer for overnight until frozen. It will not cloud the water.

Feed them little bit at a time. Be patient. The water will never turn cloudy. If only you over feed them, then the troubles come. Feeding is an art in fish keeping. Try hard. You will master it.

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