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My discus fry do not seem to grow at all.In fact the growth is almost at a snail’s pace.I tried regular water changes but no success. In the past I had spawns that seem to double in size each day. Also the fry after they reach a few weeks old die one or two each day.Can you help me with these problems?

1. Fish not growing could be many reasons.
2. Most important reason is the food whether it is suitable for the fish.
3. There is no one type of food that considers best for the discus in its progress in growth.
4. They need certain food for certain stages in their growth.
a) When he is a fry, he feeds from their parents.
b) One week later, he eats Brine shrimp.
c) One week later, he eats daphnia.
d) Two weeks later he eats daphnia and worm.
e) From one and half month old onwards, he eats worm and fish burgle.
5. Then you can see your fry growing everyday if you follow the above stages.
6. What happens if it does not grow well?
7. It could be too many in breeding. (Brother and sister). Sometimes the fry will die.
8. You will notice that new crossbreed always gives you healthy fry. They will grow very fast.

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