Discus fry

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Our discus have layed eggs that have reached the fry stage and then the parents have moved them to all different spots around the tank and appear to have abandoned them. It is the second day they have been fry’s. How soon do they have to feed off the parent?

1. If I am not mistaken, the fry you refer to should be the larva.
2. The larva should be shaking for three to four days.
3. During this period the parents will take care of them.
4. They will move them to a safety location.
5. If they keep on moving to different places, there should be something wrong.
6. Please provide them some privacy.
7. Once the fry start swimming and stick to the parents body, then the babies are yours. The parents will nurse them for a week, then only you start feeding them with brine shrimp then daphnia and worms.

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