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I have a red turquoise, marlboro, blue diamond and a leopard. They have been in the tank for about 2 months now. These past 1 month they are always hiding when there are human movement around the tank.
Once we are gone, they will come out and play again. Even feeding time, when I approach the tank, they hide and when I leave they come out and eat. My ph is 7.4 (normal tap water) and I change water every 4 days. Please advise me on what to do.

1. Positioning of aquarium: The vibrations caused by people opening and closing doors, walking up and down the stairs make the fish jumpy and slow to settle down.
2. Your fish are the nervous type. They will take time to settle down.
3. Set up the overhead lighting on the aquarium. The fish will feel better. You see them better but they can’t see you.
4. pH 7.4 is high. Try to adjust it below 7.

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