Discus laid eggs

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I have some 15 discus in a 5 feet community aquarium together with 3 clown loaches and some assorted tetras.
Last week one of my discus laid eggs just on the 3dimensional scenery in a corner of the aquarium. I was instructed by my dealer to separate the pair from the rest, so I did put a foam partition in my aquarium leaving the parents alone with the eggs. To my disappointment the eggs disappeared. My dealer told me that the discus had most probably eaten them. So I removed the partition, now five days after on the same spot the same pair of discus have now laid a new lot of eggs. Can you please instruct me on how to proceed to try and save this cluster of eggs?

If the parents feel unsecured or being disturbed by nature they will eat up their eggs.
You have to cover the eggs with the wire mesh and remove the other fish.
Or put the pair in a separate tank and wait for next round. For more info on discus breeding..

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