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I have a 65 gal aquarium with three discus. Two of the three are about a third of the size of the largest fish. The smaller fish have not been eating. I removed the larger fish to another aquarium as I suspected that it was stressing the smaller discus. I have been feeding the fish blackworms and brine shrimp as well as flake food to entice eating. Even though I place the food in close proximity, they still do not eat. I would like to know how I can entice the fish to eat (different type of food, etc.) so that they do not starve. Any suggestions appreciated. I do need some soon!!

1. Discus eats all kinds of food. Of course they like live food.
2. Brine shrimp is too small for the big fish to eat. The left over will pollute the water. The water is polluted the fish has no appetite to eat
3. Do water changed and starve the fish for a few days. Then feed them with live-food. Little bit at a time. Be patient. Repeat the above if they don’t eat
4. If the fish still not eating, most likely you have to deworm the fish
5. The fish by nature, they have very little things to eat. They don’t eat for one or two weeks, they still don’t die. Do not feed them too much. Over feeding is a bad practice

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