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I received 8 new Discus about a month back. Theyare all eating a lot, and growing nicely, except the 1 snakeskin. He does eat a lot. When I feed, he is usually first to start eating, but he doesn’t seem to grow. By now he is about half the size of the others, and very bony. Should I de-worm him? If so, how? Do I do it in the same tank as the others? None of them has been de-wormed by me before? What should I use?

I do not know what size of your snakeskin. Normally this strain of fish is very heavily hormone and color fed. So that it can show color in advance but the fish is stunted. Eat but not grow.
If your snakeskin was together with the other fish for quite sometime and she has worms quite likely the rest will be affected.
Yes, you can de-worm them, no harm and better. If you feed them beef heart then mix the beef heart with garlic.

Otherwise treat them with:
Metronidazole B.P. Tablets 200mg
Dosage: 2 tablets for 50 gallons water.
Change water and repeat the treatment everyday for 5 days.

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