Discus racing around tank

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Hi, thanks for the help!I have a young blue discus that I’ve had for two months in a 50-gallontank. Everything seems to be going well in the tank, the water tests are all fine, and the discus generally appears happy. He is the only discus ina tank with gouramis, tetras, mollies, and African dwarf frogs.
Lately the discus goes into fits where he races around the tank at lightning-fast speeds, and the splash of water indicates he might be leaping to the top. After he runs, he hides. While still occasional, this seems to be happening more often – several times in the last 24 hours. Can you tell me if this is a sign of stress or other concern?

1. No oxygen & suffocating. This the fish will die instantly.
2. Parasites attack the fish. The fish feel irritated and dart here and there. If attack the gill seriously the fish will die. Or the fish will be stressed and get sick.
3 Discus fish is good to keep together with their own kind. Some fish go well with certain parasites but not discus fish.

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