Discus skin problem

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I have two small discus ( 6-7 cm ) as long as some other fishes. Last week I noticed one discus (dark Blue) has some fine spots on fins and a small
silver area on her skin. I immediatly raised the temp to 30 and changed 1/4th of the water and then added ContraICk from tetra and 2-3 spoon od salt into my aquarium. The spot disappeared after 2 days, but the silver area become white and now I noticed another discus is seemly biting that area.
Shall I separate the ill discus? What else I should do ?

Repeat the same treatment for at least one week.
Most of the fish in the tank should have affected.

The one with the wound will be transfered to a hospital tank.
Treat her with Acriflavine solution plus salt.

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