Discus Tank Mate Compatibility

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I have one disus(with blue stripes) for about a month. Two days ago I put another light colored discus in the tank. The older one won’t let the new one come out from the corner of the tank and keeps pushing it back. Should I do something?

1. Please refer to our website, read DISCUS FIGHTING.
2. Then you will have some ideas why she fights.
3. When you keep one fish alone in a tank, that fish becomes very aggressive.
She feels that is her territory. Any newcomer comes to the tank she surely will fight.
4. I suggest when you introduce new fish to the tank, the number say around 5 to 10. He will get tired of fighting one by one.
5. He won’t only fight the particular one, unless that fish is very weak.
6. Put the fish in the tank at night, if you have fighting problem.

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