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I have had a 29 gallon tank for 3 years very successfully and recently I have gotten into discus. I was wondering if I could keep a group of 4-6 discus in the 29 gallon tank? it is well filtered with an aquaclear 150 and a aquaclear 100. I do water changes every other day about 20%. I would keep them with a 6 cories and a small school of neons. The tank is planted with vallis, dwarf sag, amazon swords, anubias nana and barteri. IN your opinion COULD this work?

In your tank with adequate aeration and filter system, you can easily accommodate 6 adult discus. It should be no problem. If you have heavily planted with waterweeds, only worry is not enough supply of oxygen at night. Be alert. For a community tank, water-change 20% is normal.

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