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I have some Discus for my hobby. Recently one of my young Discus pair starting to lay Egg, but all of the Eggs disappears in next day. I suspect father or mother eat all of the eggs. It’s happened twice now. Keep asking friends for the reason and one of my friends recommends me to read your Web site. I found the web site is a very good site. You have a lot of good information which I cannot find any where else. But Since I am a beginner some of the information still not clear to me:

1: “Apply anti fungus solution after spawned.” Do you mean add some Methylene to the fish tank? What rate should I Add?

2: “Use wire mesh to cover the eggs? Is the main idea of this is stop the fish from reaching the egg so they cannot eat them? In this case will I have problem with the fishes rejecting their baby?

If the mother is rejected the baby. Is there any chance for me to keep the baby alive? What kind of food should I give to then when they are only a few days old?

Thanks in advance

1. Methylene blue solution:
a) To protect eggs from fungus attacked and spread.
b) The fish will feel secured and not frightened as the whole tank is blue and darkened.
c) The methylene blue solution is very safe to apply. If it is only for prevention purposes the rate of color should be light blue. Even it reaches dark blue the fish still can tolerate
2. Yes, the wire mesh is to protect the eggs from eaten up. After spawning the fish will become very nervous and emotional and if she feels the eggs not safe, she will eat up the eggs. But after a few days hard work to fan the eggs and once the eggs have hatched out how happy they will feel. They will love their babies more. They won’t eat their babies. If you see they suck the baby into their mouths, do not panic. It is just like your mother giving you a bath.

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