Eggs in Community Tank

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We have a community tank, 55gal, 6 discus where 2 have paired and laid eggs for 1st time on african sword plant leaves.  The eggs were there appx 2 days then gone. We have 2 chinise alage eaters, 2 clown loaches, 2 other scavenger bottom feeders among other community fish.  Do the eggs hatch from the leaves or do they fall and then hatch.  If they fall then hatch I am assuming they are getting eaten.  Suggestions Please!

You properly have no chance to raise fries in the community tank.
You cannot leave the pair together with other fish.
They have to work very hard to guard the eggs.
While the fries are free swimming, other fish will eat them up.

You have to prepare a breeding tank.
Put the pair in the breeding tank.
After laying eggs, cover the eggs with the wire mesh.
Apply Methylene Blue solution to protect the eggs.

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