Exo Terra Riverbed Sand, 10-Pound, Brown

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Exo Terra Riverbed Sand, 10-Pound, Brown

Exo Terra riverbed sand is perfect for numerous kinds of aquatic turtles because it is very their preferred substrate inside the wild. Soft-shell turtles particularly like the find sand for digging plus burrowing. Other kinds of water plus ground-dwelling reptiles, including frogs plus salamanders, can furthermore benefit from riverbed sand due to its soft nature. A rough surface, including gravel, can injure skin tissue. Riverbed sand is really fine plus is conveniently secreted whenever ingested, unlike gravel or pebbles wh

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  • Natural sand, no added dyes or chemicals
  • Creates a all-natural plus appealing aquatic environment
  • Excellent substrate for aquatic turtles; stimulates all-natural behavior, additionally right because desert terrarium substrate
  • Available inside 10-pound plastic bag plus brown color

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