Exo Terra Screen Cover for Hinged Door, 40-Gallon

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Exo Terra Screen Cover for Hinged Door, 40-Gallon

The Exo Terra Terrarium Screen Cover is an easy to install cover for aquariums and glass tanks. Central hinges allow partial opening of the enclosure and never have to pull any accessories, therefore reducing tension into the inhabitants while the threat of escape. The strong steel display provides air flow and permits needed Ultraviolet penetration while making sure reptiles, feeder insects also tiny creatures are safely guaranteed. Hinged Screen Covers are available for many tank sizes.

  • Hinged display address for aquariums and glass tanks
  • Easy to install
  • Maximum UV penetration
  • Central hinges enable easy access
  • Designed for 30 & 40 Breeder/50/65 gallon aquariums

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