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I am raising a very beautiful strain of red cobalt discus and need help from people who are successful. My fish are laying eggs all the time and two pairs are fertile now , coming of age finally. My fry always hatch and the parents seem to ignore them or eat them so I try to raise them artificially but cannot get them to eat after they become free swimming. I have lost at least ten batches this way frustrated I have read as much as I can about this subject and tried all kinds of remedies for fry food but none seem to work can you please help me. thank you very much

From eggs to free swimming means the pair should be normal and is a good pair. In the process of breeding they have already achieved and successfully raise the fry to free swimming.
Then why they ignore and eat their babies? Why? Why? Why?
You should do a survey to find out what are the reasons that they have this abnormal behavior. By nature they do not eat their own fry.

Environmental factors:
1. Look around the location where your tank located.
2. Is it very heavy traffic?
3. Fish do not like shadow.
4. Noise with vibration will frighten them.
All the above factors will cause them feel not secured. They will eat instead of swallow them into their mouth to protect them.

The water condition:
1. Is the water polluted?
2. After spawning the water will easily lead to fungus growth.
3. Partially water changed is necessary.

1. Apply Methylene Blue to protect the eggs from fungus attacked.
2. After applying the MB the blue color will allow the parents feel secured, as they cannot see your shadow.

Artificial hatching and raising fry needs experienced people to handle. To handle the parent fish is easier to handle the fry. If you know how to take care the parents then they will take care their fry. The fry will be healthier if the feed from their parents.

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