Fighting after spawning

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After babies disappeared, my male fish attack the female but not too bad (until kill). Now the female discus is scared of male for 4 days goes to corner of tank and stay away from male. But seems like male want to lay eggs but not female . My question is are they still be pair or should I separate and look for another pair?
Now in my pair fish tank I put a round wire mesh and put another fish inside the round mesh and try to make pair back as before.

If they have already laid eggs and eaten up the babies, they must be a pair, means 1 male and 1 female. But they are not a good-mated pair. The male is very emotional. When the babies missing, he tried to blame the female then starts fighting. Give them another try.

Next spawning, when you see any one of them starting eating the babies, use the round wire mesh and cage the one eating the babies. They will stop fighting.

Sometimes the fish appears to be in shock. It is usually due to the human error, especially a drastic change of environment. When they are in shock, they will eat the eggs or babies.
Be patient and a bit more observant. You will succeed in your breeding.

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