Fighting Discus

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Three weeks ago I bought a pair of Melon Red Discus about 2″ in size. The first two weeks they got along excellently but after the third week the one believed to be the male has become very territorial and won’t let the other one believed to be the female leave a specific spot of the tank. Each time she leaves the spot for a swim around, the male chases her until she stays at the mentioned spot. Its like if he does not want her swimming around. Presently the female has been defending herself resulting in more fights. The females anal fin has also been bitten. I don’t think they are ready for spawning as they are only 2″ or could they be both males? What should I do?

This is a common thing that happens with the discus fish.
They like to fight for many reasons. Sometime you really don’t know why.
Two fish is too small number. Add in more so the bully will get tired of fighting all.

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