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I am planning for a 55 gallon tank with Discus. There is wealth of information about filters and filtration on net but I am really confused. Kindly suggest me a suitable filter.Also please note that I am based in India where it can be difficult to have after sale services,manufacturers technical support,parts and different filter medias.

Filters are used to process waste and impurities so that the water quality
remains pristine, keeping your tank inhabitants healthy. Numerous types of
filters are available for different applications.

1. Internal filters sit inside the tank. A basket/housing holds the filter media and a pump circulates the water through the media.

2. Power filters are easy to use hang on filters that sit on the rim of your tank. Water is drawn into the filter, and then pumped through the filter media, overflowing back into the tank.

3. Canister filters and inline filters have much larger capacity than internal and power filters. Water is siphoned from the tank down to the canister filter. Once the water travels though the filter media, it is then pumped back up to the tank.

4. Wet/dry filters mix air and water as water trickles over an exposed filter media. Biological filtration and gas exchange occur as the water flows in a thin layer over the media surface. The rapid oxidation of ammonia and nitrite makes these filters extremely efficient.

5. Since you have only one 55-gallon tank, I suggest you use Power Filter. It is easy to handle. You need not after sale service. Parts are available in any aquarium shop.

6. The filter media only consists of cotton wool and different sizes of gravel. This will preserve the useful minerals and trace element which are required by the fish.

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