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I have a ten gallon aquarium with a 10-20 filter by regent, aqua-tech. I had a population of 12 fish and the aerobic pad in the aquarium was very discolored due to the # of bacteria. Well I had to treat the water with an algaecide (which did not work by the way), and since then, 2 fish have died (one was constipated I believe and the other one was pregnant and her eggs exploded in her womb and caused her to bleed to death). The aerobic pad is now the same color it was when i purchased it w/ only a few dark spots. Could 2 fish being removed cause the bacteria to die like that, or could it be the stress zyme that I am using? or could it be the algaecide?


Algaecide is very poisonous.
Light dosage cannot kill the algae.
Stronger dosage you will kill the fish.
Algaecide must be handling very carefully.

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