Finnex Max-300 Digital Aquarium Heater Controller

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Finnex Max-300 Digital Aquarium Heater Controller

Over heating heaters is a hobbyist nightmare. To safeguard a aquarium investment plus live stock, this heater controller is essential. The digital controller maintains a heater inside a secure temperature providing a healthy plus stable temperature for a aquarium. Automatic closed off over heat security might alert it’s internal sound alert plus stop the heating procedure. A temperature probe is included to guarantee a more exact aquarium temperature reading. The 3 prong force receptacle functions effectively with additional suitable heating ingredients equal to or lower than 300 Watts. Add a controller for double heating security. If force is interrupted a memory chip is included to cv consumers preset temperature when energy resumes. Do not utilize with faulty heating tubes. Defective heater tubes can be attracting extra watts plus consequently result in the MAX 300 controller fail.
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  • LED Heating Indicator plus Current Temperature Thermometer
  • Over Heating Protection +Memory
  • Safely Monitors Heaters about 300 Watts
  • Not suitable with Aqueon PRO heater series. Finnex HC810M or HC800 controller suggested for such
  • Heater available separately

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