Finnex Ray2 Aquarium Day/Actinic LED Light, 48-Inch

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Finnex Ray2 Aquarium Day/Actinic LED Light, 48-Inch

This Contemporary Ultra Slim tailored LED fixture attributes a series of intense PAR LEDs to advertise Marine plus Freshwater development. All models feature a moisture immune PC Splash Guard to safeguard against water mishaps. The durable significant output LED lights are built to last 40,000+ hours. A distinctive leg fixture enables this LED light to mount about numerous sized aquariums plus sump setups. To extend LED bulb longevity, the circuit boards are built with good quality aluminum as well as the fixture itself works because the heat sync to permit ample cooling plus superior heat dissipation. 1/10 the force value of standard incandescent light plus equal to 3 T5 lights. The Ray II comes inside different lengths in addition to Dual High Output LED combinations. Users have the choices of the 16″, 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″ plus 48″ fixture to satisfy their aquarium requirements. Models are either built with a Dual 7,000k LED combo, 10,000k + Actinic combo or Dual 450~465nm High Intensive LED strips.

The Ultimate Unibody High Output Slim LED Light

10,000k + Actinic LEDs

Sustain should corals beneath these a tiny plus sleek tailored LED fixture. The mixture of 10,000k plus actinic LEDs improve terrific coral development together with showing the vibrant hues a corals need to provide. Get free of which bulky aquarium light of the aged occasions plus experience the pros of LEDs.

  • Finnex High Output Unibody Ultra Slim LED, High PAR
  • 10000k/Actinic Dual LED Strips
  • 39 Watts: 384 HO LEDs
  • Dimensions: 48″ Long x 3″ Wide x 1″ High

List Price: $ 207.99 Price:

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