Fish disease white spots

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I have 9 discus fish in 100gal.tank,but 10 days ago they started shaking their heads and scratching against plants, wood and flickering their fins.They do not breath heavily, take food normally act like nothing is wrong.Water in aquarium is 7ph,10gh,4kh. Please help me.What can I do to make them better?

The fish with this behavior indicates that they must be attacked by the parasites. (Itch)

Small white spots appear on the fins and spread to all parts of the body. The fish feels itchy and rub against objects in the tank. Eventually the body will bleed and rot.

Apply Methylene solution in the tank. Increase salt content in the water. Raise the water temperature to 28 or 30 degrees C. The temperature will accelerate the growth of cell into young nymphs, which will be killed by the Methylene Blue. While treatment do not change water. Remove the plants temporary from the tank. The medication can destroy the plants.

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