Fish Food, Saltwater Comm. Aquarium (Flake) – 8.5 Oz.

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Fish Food, Saltwater Comm. Aquarium (Flake) - 8.5 Oz.

This premium flake is a technological breakthrough with many blessings over conventional flakes. Due to the specific production procedure compounds are retained longer plus flakes are more very concentrated. This procedure “gelatinizes” the starches that encapsulates the proteins to safeguard them from oxidation plus breaking down. Just the greatest standard food elements are utilized. All flakes contain a full complement of proteins, fatty acids, color enhancers, full vitamin supplement plus stabilized Vitamin C. The flake is a bit more effectively digested with less waste inside the aquarium; they are variably sinking to enable for feeding of different kinds of fish inside the aquarium, including mid-water plus bottom feeders, and; have a excellent proportion of feeding attractants. Manufactured inside the U.S.A.
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  • A superior diet for all marine/saltwater fish
  • Nutritious formula enriched with standard Spirulina
  • Recommended for young, quickly growing sea fish
  • More effectively digested, less waste inside tank

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