Fluval 306 External Filter

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Fluval 306 External Filter

Fluval 06 External Canister Filters – Multi-stage Aquarium Filter plus Fish Tank Filter The Fluval 06 External Canister Filters – that follows the effective Fluval 05 Series – supply several improved advantages like including: greater filtration, less frequent repair, quicker setup plus quieter procedure. All these aquarium filter qualities plus more are created to create fish keeping plus aquariums more enjoyable for we!Building found on the strong foundation of the Fluval 05 line, the Fluval 06 fish tank filters feature a amount of perfect advances including:Improved engine hydraulic performance to lower the frequency of aquarium filter repair plus strengthen the flow rates plus head pressureIncreased fish tank filter performance to provide cleaner plus healthier waterBetter biological filtration with all the inclusion of Bio-Foam mediaSound-dampening impeller shape for 8-15% quieter operationRedesigned impeller cover which reduces the opportunity of breaksReengineered effective priming program for beginning easierStronger lift-lock clamps for more secure closureHose lock nuts for improved securityEnhanced ease qualities are today simpler to manage than everFluval 06 External Canister Filters are created to create aquarium keeping because effortless plus hassle-free because potential by providing we with a big range of efficiency, user-friendly qualities. The shape of the Fluval 06 aquarium filter has been increased to include qualities like Aqua-Stop Valaves for more conveniently disconnecting hoses.Single motion lift-lock clamps create cleaning plus upkeep simpler than before. The numerous removable filtration baskets are absolutely packed with mechanical, chemical plus biological media, all imperative inside a quality fish tank filter.The Fluval 06 External Canister Filters are prepared with a specific square-shaped canister which holds 35-50% more water than a round canister filter of synonymous size. The happen is superior water flow by the complex aquarium filter procedure which ens


The Fluval 06 series of aquarium canister filters takes aquarium filtration to the upcoming level. The 06 Series filters provide many state of the art attributes to guarantee reliable surgery plus trouble free repair. The Fluval 06 line has improved filter performance plus water standard for both fresh plus saltwater aquariums. The program is made for a simpler set-up plus start-up. These Fluval canister filters are produced for aquariums ranging inside size from 25-100 gallons, every supported with a 3 year warranty.

Features include a complete set of mechanical, chemical & biological filter media, an instant prime program which ensures a rapid start-up, single motion lift-lock canister clamps, a block proof intake strainer, a double layer pre-filter foam screen, a consumer guide plus fast begin guide. Everything you ought to receive a Fluval 06 Filter going is provided creating installation simple for even the very first time aquarium owner, whilst delivering performance which usually meet the many advanced aquarium hobbyist.

Fluval Advanced Filtration Media

The stack of media baskets inside the Fluval 06 Series Filters allows you to employ all 3 kinds of filtration inside any configuration or sequence we determine is ideal to satisfy the requires of the aquarium environment.

Aquarium water filtration constantly starts with a mechanical stage of waste particle treatment. This prepares water for next flow from the Media Baskets filled with mechanical, chemical plus biological media. Here is an illustration about how the media baskets are set up from the box.

Increased stress plus circulation
Noise Chart

Lower Level Basket
This Media basket continues the mechanical media Fluval BioFoam, this media might capture the smallest natural particles which can have pass from the pre-filter before they could block delicate pores of biological or chemical substrates. The BioFoam moreover offers a big surface to support bacteria colonies, providing an perfect environment for proliferation of beneficial bacteria plus improving the biological action of Fluval BIOMAX. The BioFoam is not included inside the Fluval 106 Model that has a flow rate which enables quite effective natural particle treatment.

Mid Level Baskets
The mid level baskets are a wise region to start the biological reduction task. A great deal of media kinds supply both mechanical filtration plus biological treatment, creating an great environment for beneficial bacteria to proliferate. With the main mechanical purification of water stream occurring inside the Foam Screen Frame as well as the lower basket, it is very typical to load biological media because BIOMAX into the mid level baskets.

Upper Level Basket
This basket receives the clearest water, generating it the best region for devoted chemical media. For instance spot Carbon inside this basket, carbon effectively removes discolorations, treatments plus solubilized wastes a mechanical screen cannot. To grow the action of chemical filter media plus to avoid clogging from micro-articulate, it happens to be recommended to utilize a Polishing Pad merely before the chemical media. The fine filtration plus chemical contents need more frequent upkeep than biological components plus their location at the best makes it simpler to wash and/or substitute without affecting the biological media.

What’s New inside the Fluval 06 Filter Canisters?


Re-Engineered Priming System
This effective primer plunger functions inside unison with all the secondary check valve causing drawing water to the filter even if water surface is because much because 12” under the aquarium rim.

Redesigned Aquastop


Levers for greater hold, strength plus toughness. Fluval’s AquaStop valve has unparallel efficiency plus ease of utilize. It creates an air plus watertight seal which lets you disconnect hosing without breaking the vacuum which keeps air from the line.

Lift Lock Clamps
The lift lock canister clamps have been redesigned to supply more strength plus less tensile flexing. The handles seat into the sides of canister for improved ergonomics plus protection. Fluval Lift locks canister clamps not just secure the filter head to the canister itself and offers a advantageous lever action which conveniently opens the filter without mess for the normal upkeep plus changing of media.



Other hot features
Increased Hydraulic performance
Less frequent repair
Increased water filtration performance
Cleaner water
Redesigned impeller cover
Less inclined to breakage whilst cleaning
Hose lock nuts for improved security
Grip hose fittings

Fluval functions to provide aquarists with all the many up-to-date plus highest standard aquatic goods. These are generally designed plus designed for dependable performance plus simple employ With the Fluval 06 Line you’re assisting supply a fish with a right healthy plus gorgeous house. The Fluval 06 Series of canister filers are produced inside the factory inside Italy to the greatest ISO 9001 guidelines.


Fewer Maintenance Intervals
The addition of Bio-Foam (not included inside Fluval 106) because a secondary layer of both mechanical plus biological filtration increases BIOMAX performance plus extends the lifetime of carbon plus fine filter pads, therefore causing a reduction inside repair frequency. The Fluval 06 Line qualities a variety of advantages which create Fluval Canisters Filters the number one choice for the aquarium. In comparison to the Fluval 05 Series the circulation rates of the 06 Series have improved by 10% as well as the head stress has improved by 9%. The unique line additionally has the sound dampening impeller program crafted to supply continuous quiet surgery keeping the filtration procedure at bay.

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  • Multi-stage filtration for healthy fresh & saltwater aquariums
  • Suitable for aquariums about 70 gallons
  • Sound dampening impeller shape for a quieter operation
  • Equipped with a clog-proof consumption strainer along with a double layer foam screen
  • Built with a patented Aquastop Valve, several filtration baskets, plus rim connector assemblies; 3 year warranty

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