Fluval Chi Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon

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Fluval Chi Aquarium Kit, 5-Gallon
Fluval Chi

With striking creative simplicity, the Fluval Chi makes a beautiful aquatic feature. Inspired by historic Chinese culture, Chi describes the existence force of living factors plus symbolizes the positive effects of power. The flowing water of Fluval Chi is believed to motivate Feng Shui, delivering success plus superior chance to a house.

Fluval Chi
Fluval Chi looks stylish in almost any room

Chi is versatile, manageable plus delivers a stylish habitat for fascinating fish varieties. As with all Fluval nano aquariums, Chi is simple to set up plus keep plus with a gorgeous range of accessories to select from, it enables you to create an individual look to suit the mood or surroundings. The Fluval Chi qualities a planet first- a combined filter, light device plus water feature. The water bubbles plus gurgles over the best of the feature, that appears to float inside the center of the tank. The Chi is ideal for those that are familiar with aquatic lifestyles.

The Chi provides an appealing aquarium, creating the average really extraordinary. It was crafted to radiate positive vitality throughout any house. The elegant yet subtle lines plus harmonious balance of light plus sound create a soothing ambiance which gently envelops an region. Relax to the gentle sound of flowing water as well as the graceful movement of fish because Chi brings a peaceful ambiance to a room. Chi involves a secure, low voltage LED light program thus inside low light conditions the aquarium takes about a glowing, peaceful beauty of its own.

Fluval Chi is obtainable in 2 models (5 gallons plus 6.6 gallons). It is made with an open top shape for tranquility.

Fluval Chi
The Fluval Chi
Fluval Chi
Fluval Chi provides any space a serene ambiance

Variety of Features

Filtration System

The Fluval Chi uses the full 3 stage mechanical, chemical, plus biological filter, particularly crafted to avoid water bypass, supply obvious water, plus improve a healthy nano living environment. Two separate filtration media are accessible for the Chi: the foam pad plus filter pad. The foam pad could stay inside the filter to foster biological development whilst the filter pad removes finer debris plus chemical impurities from carbon filtration. The shape of the filter is specifically special to the Chi because water is created within the bottom of the “box”, passed by the filtration media, plus bubbles out over the best inside a calming waterfall-style feature.

LED Lighting System

Fluval Chi attributes 2 separate cool-white LED light units: a 12 LED submersible light device illuminates the aquarium within the bottom of the filtration box, when a next set of LED’s shines up plus lights water because it flows into the aquarium. This creates a beautiful nighttime graphic plus casts a relaxing aquatic glow onto the ceiling of the space. The 6.6 gallon model furthermore qualities a remote control light program.

Plant Basket

The plant basket conveniently slips from the plant box plus is filled with Fluval Chi decor pieces (available separately) or all-natural vegetation to complement the Fluval Chi surroundings.

Pebble Basket

Positioned found on the top of the filtration cube, the decor tray holds either the pebble basket or extra decor pieces (accessible separately), that soften the sound of the trickling water.

Media Access

The 180 degree rotating filter head plus simple access media cover ensures routine upkeep is fast plus easy to do.

Introducing Fish

Recommended kinds of fish for the Fluval Chi are Goldfish, Bettas, Guppies plus Danios. Allow a minimal of 1 gallon of water for each 1 inch of fish, excluding tail. Fish are available because juveniles, thus you will want to let several additional room for a fish to develop. Should you chose tropical fish, remember which several need the utilization of the heater. Also, several fish might attempt to jump, thus the open top shape of the Chi can limit the choice of fish.

**Gravel, fish plus decorations not included

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  • 5-gallon aquatic aquarium which offers we with a calming plus relaxing atmosphere
  • Easy to set up plus maintain
  • One connect for the integrated filtration program plus effective LED light system
  • Decor tray offers the chance change out vegetation plus decorative objects for optimum appearance

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