Fluval Nano Aquarium Filter

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Fluval Nano Aquarium Filter

The Fluval Nano Aquarium Filter is an optimum water filtration program for tiny aquatic conditions. Properly loaded with filter media for efficient mechanical plus biological filtration, the Fluval Nano Aquarium Filter has an adjustable flow rate combined with an integrated spray bar which creates an even, gentle flow of water, creating it secure for delicate varieties. The completely modular filter may swiftly be assembled plus disassembled for effortless installation plus upkeep, plus it comes complete with 3 suction cups for secure in-tank installation.

  • Ensures right oxygenation for well-defined water along with a healthy environment
  • Adjustable flow output with an attachable spray bar distributes a gentle, even flow of water, generating it secure for delicate fish or shrimp
  • Provides efficient plus thorough mechanical plus biological filtration
  • Optimal water filtration program for little aquariums as much as 15 gallons

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