Fluval Plant Stratum, 4.4-Pound

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Fluval Plant Stratum, four.4-Pound

Fluval Plant Stratum is the best substrate for planted aquariums featuring a light non-compacting porous structure. Its perfect attributes because an aquarium substrate are very beneficial to nitrifying bacteria that fast colonize the big porous surface, providing optimum water standard for fish. Plant origins conveniently penetrate plus spread in the Fluval Plant Stratum permitting vegetation to thrive plus obtain a range of key compounds. The inherent attributes of Fluval Plant Stratum usually aid help the neutral to somewhat acidic pH, ideal for many plant varieties plus varieties of tropical fish usually kept inside planted aquariums. This very appealing substrate refuses to discolor water, plus assists control natural discoloration normally present whenever all-natural driftwood is employed. For aquariums lower than 18 inches, utilize 1 four.4-pound bag of Stratum; 18-inch aquariums need 1 8.8-pound bag of Stratum; 24-inch aquariums need 2 8.8-pound bags plus 35 inch aquariums need 2 8.8-pound bags.
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  • Substrate for freshwater aquariums only
  • Does not discolor water, plus assists control natural discoloration generally present whenever all-natural driftwood is used
  • Stimulates sturdy plant growth
  • Provides optimum water standard for fish
  • Recommended level is 1.25 inches to 1.5 inches

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