Fluval SPEC Desktop Glass Aquarium, 2-gallon

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Fluval SPEC Desktop Glass Aquarium, 2-gallon
Fluval Spec Aquarium

The Fluval Spec is the best 2 gallon glass desktop aquarium which combines fashion plus functionality into 1 tiny package. Its integrated 3-stage filtration plus effective LED light surpasses one’s expectation from an aquarium this size.

Fluval Spec Aquarium

The specific Nano shape qualities a frosted glass background which conceals the integrated filtration program, where the effective circulation pump pumps 40 gallons per hr. It is additionally made with brushed aluminum edges along with a plastic cover. Although tiny inside stature the Fluval Spec Aquarium is big about attributes, including the oversized 3-stage filtration with treatment handle for simple repair which comes with all the aquarium:

Mechanical: Porous foam block traps big particles plus debris

Chemical: Activated carbon adsorbs unwelcome odors, discolorations plus impurities

Biological: BIOMAX insert delivers optimum colonization of beneficial bacteria plus improves the nitrification of fish wastes.

Additionally, The Fluval Spec attributes a sleek, round pendant of LED lights, that puts out a pleasant full spectrum all-natural daylight, perfect for growing tiny vegetation. The Spec involves a effective LED light fixture which involves 31 LED lights easily positioned above the aquarium to supply brilliant illumination for vegetation, fish plus décor with a advantageous on/off switch.

Fluval Spec is the smallest of the Nano aquariums plus is employed to give a cozy house to small fish plus to create breathtaking plant displays. The addition of the limited decorative aquatic snails adds interest also as well as enable keep the aquarium without algae. The Fluval Spec is the most perfect aquarium to keep a workplace desk or tiny corner inside home filled with easy however, breathtaking décor.

The Fluval Spec Aquarium makes an perfect present for those whom like to have the beauty of a aquarium without an abundance of fish existence. The Fluval Spec is a good fish tank for 1 or 2 small fish and offers the most perfect house for aquatic plant existence. The possibilities are endless inside the Spec plus it’s an aquarium which really enables you to receive the feet wet with designing an aquatic globe. It comes with everything you ought to receive the aquatic house began.

What’s In The Box

• Two gallon glass aquarium with molded cover

• LED light unit

• Circulation pump 40 GPH with output nozzle

• Foam filter block

• Activated carbon insert

• BIOMAX insert

• Safe, low voltage transformer

• Adjustable flow control

Fluval Spec Aquarium

Maintaining a aquarium

To confirm the well-being of aquarium inhabitants, it is actually necessary to keep a aquarium. At the minimal, eliminate 20% of water when a week plus substitute with tap water which is of synonymous temperature to the tank plus treated with all the correct dosage of Nutrafin Aqua Plus.

Note: Regular substitution of Fluval filter media is imperative to guarantee maximum performance.The filter media ought to be changed alternately inside purchase to keep continuous biological activity. To enhance bacterial action, pour a dosage of Nutrafin Cycle onto the filter inserts every time we change the media.

Fluval Spec Aquarium

Installing a aquarium

1. Thoroughly rinse the aquarium, cover plus filter media, utilizing fresh water along with a wet fabric. Never employ soap about any component located inside a aquarium because soap is dangerous to fish.

Note: Place aquarium about a level, strong surface; away from any electric equipment, direct sunshine, drafts, heat sources or excellent traffic regions.

2. Position filters media pump plus outlet.

3. Utilizing the Allen key, secure light device into aquarium.

4. Whenever filling aquarium with water, add the correct dosages of Nutrafin Aqua Plus, tap water conditioner plus Nutrafin Cycle, a biological aquarium supplement (available separately)

Note: Consult with the fish dealer for right varieties plus fish stocking degrees.

Fluval Spec Aquarium
Fluval Spec Aquarium

  • 2-gallon aquarium with molded cover / 40 gallons per hr Circulation Pump with Output Nozzle
  • Frosted glass conceals the filtration components from view found on the sides of the aquarium
  • 3-stage filtration room with coarse foam, carbon, plus Biomax
  • Filter is fully-integrated into the back wall of the aquarium
  • 7.25 inches lengthy, 9.25 inches broad, 10 inches tall; 2-year warranty

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