Fluval U2 Underwater Filter

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Fluval U2 Underwater Filter

Fluval U2 Underwater Filter with three-stage filtration is perfect for utilize inside fresh, sea or reptile conditions. Stage 1 foam removes big particles. In stage 2, the poly/carbon cartridge traps fine debris, improves water clearness plus removes impurities. In stage 3, BioMax delivers optimum biological filtration efficiency.

  • Filters debris plus delivers optimum biological filtration
  • Simple to install plus maintain
  • Silent plus efficient
  • Ideal supplemental or stand-alone filter, or for installations where exterior filtration is not possible
  • Comes with 3-way flow control with adjustable output, 2 foam pads, 2 poly/carbon cartridges plus 40 grams BioMax; Best for 12-30 gallon environments

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