Food timing for fry

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I have 1 pair (confirmed) of discus, they lay eggs each 8 days but they become white in 36/48 hours.Sometimes born 5/10 fish only but soon die.
They are alone in one 100 Lt aquarium,whit sponge filter the water is Ph 6,2 Ms. 175 Amon. 0 Nit.0. Where do I fail?

1. Apply anti fungus solution after spawned. (Methylene Blue solution)
2. Use wire mesh to cover the eggs.
3. The water temperature maintains at 30 degrees C. Too cold, the chance of hatching is less.
4. Do not use filter in the spawning tank.

Food timing for fry
1. From larva to fry free swimming, they do not eat.
2. Second day of free swimming the parents will take care of them. The babies get the food from their parents.
3. After one week or so, you will introduce first baby-food: Artemia or brine shrimp.
4. Then daphnia, worm, discus fish burger

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