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What is a Potassium Permanganate solution and what is the trade name?

I have a breeding pair which I’ve had problems with from day one. The
female is a green wild caught, and has always had problems with the gills. I
have tried many medications but not successfully. She also have white tissue
on her gill-mebranes,fungus?Do you think the gills is damaged forever?
She also get dark once in a while but this only last for a day or two!
I know the pair has gill parasites (dactyl…), but what treatment do you
suggest?. I can see in the forum that you suggest Potassium Permanganate
bath every two weeks for external parasites but is there a medication which
will solve this problem for good, not only controlling?


Potassium Permanganate is best to treat gill and skin fluke. It is a crystal form. Many solutions for treating gill and skin fluke are used PP as a base. It is purple in color. I think you can get PP in pharmacy.

White tissue on the gill is fungus. After PP bath, apply Methylene Blue solution over night. Repeat the medication for one week.

She also gets dark once in a while. It is happened during stress or not feeling well.

I know the pair has gill parasites. Then you have to treat your fish.

Is there a medication which will solve this problem for good, not only controlling?
Yes with your cooperation.

If you cannot get PP, then you can use Formalin.

Dosage: 100 liters of water in hospital tank
2 to 3 ml. Of Formalin
Plus Methylene Blue solution (Light Blue ink)
Change water and repeat the treatment for 5 days.

The fish will get well and no more parasites.
If for good, you don’t have parasites in the tank.

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