Hagen Marina Plastic Mermaid Betta Aquarium Decor

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Hagen Marina Plastic Mermaid Betta Aquarium Decor

Fun plus imaginative, this marina aquarium set involves everything you ought to set up an cute mermaid theme tank. the set comes with cling-on mermaid decals along with a flexible cut-out background which attributes a cast of mermaids. it moreover comes with a plastic cut-out ornament for more design. once you have set the mermaid scene with all the decals, background plus ornament, the rest is furthermore very simple. simply install the filter plus spot the gravel at the bottom of the tank. then add water a

  • 2.65 gallon mermaid themed aquarium set
  • Great starter kits for kids
  • Easy to maintain
  • Everything is included except water plus fish

List Price: $ 61.99 Price:

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