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I have a hi-fin blue diamond who has been sick for quite some time. Today his color has changed to solid black. He has not eaten in a very long time. No signs of fin or tail rot, no clear or white feces. He still protects his space. I use reverse osmosis water. The ph is a little high, but ammonia and nitrites are perfect. Had him in a 240 gallon where other discus breed quite often. I feed all my fish frozen homemade recipe of beef heart, banana, fish fillet and carrots. What am I doing wrong? Is there some medicine I could buy that would cure them?

1. Wow! You have such a big tank. (240 gallons)
2. Your Blue Diamond is sick.
3. Take her out and put her in a hospital tank.
4. Give her a Potassium Permanganate bath for about 5 minutes.
5. Then treat her with acriflavine solution plus salt.
6. Repeat the treatment for three days. (Bath & solution)
7. Follow with solution & salt for 3 days.
8. Then add salt after water changed.

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