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I have just installed a heater in my Discus tank butit seems to affect the Discus as they become inactive and the color ontheir bodies gradually faded as the water warmed up. Is a heater really necessary in a Discus tank? I am residing in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1. What is your normal water temperature?
2. As long as they are in the range of 26 to 29 degree C that is excellent
3. In Malaysia, most of the people keeping discus without the heater. Unlike 10 or 20 years ago
4. Heater is used while we are doing the medical treatments. It needs to raise the temperature to 30 degree C
5. Your fish become inactive and discolors directly due to the heater. Check your water temperature with your heater on. What is the water temperature? Do you know how to operate the heater?
6. You have already stressed your fish. Treat them with Ariflavine and salt solution.

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