Hole in the head disease

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I recently acquired 6 discus and one of them started getting white spots, which I thought was ick. About three days later even more of these spots appeared and now they have resulted in a lesion about 0.5cm in diameter. All the other fish are fine with the exception of the affected fish. I’ve already stepped up on water changes and added a little salt into the hospital tank, where he is now kept in isolation. Its also worth stating that I had an undergravel filter and removed it. A lot of detritus was stored there and perhaps that was infested with bacteria, parasites etc. Can you perhaps shed a bit of light on the topic of Hole in the Head disease in discus, as it appears to be a very mysterious condition with various authorities on the subject attribute the cause to many different causes.


Hole in the head
Reasons: Lack of nutrition and deficiency of minerals.

Drastic fluctuation in water quality.

Symptoms: Small holes appear the head of the fish.
The fish become inactive as the hole slowly grow deeper and bigger.
The excrement of the infected fish becomes whitish and sticky.

Cure: Use medicine for treating Hexamita.
Adjust the diet.
Add minerals especially calcium to the food.

Rats make hole, snakes eat rats and stay in the holes.
Holes in the head is actually not a disease but lack of mineral especially Calcium.
The treatment is actually to get rid of external parasite that stays in the holes

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