How do we prepare the water in a tank?

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How do we prepare the water in a tank suitable for Discus and  what food is the best? I had some discus fish, but when I changed the water in the tank, they died. I think it’s because of less Oxygen and the condition of the water such as temp, PH count, and acidity… how do i prepare water and stuff? And, how do I keep the tank clean because in a week or two, water gets greenish..



  • Clean
  • Good aeration
  • No Chlorine
  • Temperature 26 to 30 degree C
  • pH 5.5 to 7

Food: Live food, fish burger, dry food (Tetrabit)

Fish died after water changed:

  • Chlorine that kills your fish
  • Add in Chlorine conditioner

Water turns green:

  • Sunlight cultivates algae, water becomes green
  • Control the light
  • Water change 20% everyday

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