How to buy discus fish?

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I love discus fish and I want learn that how can buy beautiful discus?

Discus fish should be disk-like and round in shape. Their eyes must be clear
and bright. It has small eyes that appropriates to the size of the fish.
This indicates fish is not stunted.

This is most important to the fish. The fish look healthy if they are
lively, bright in colour, come knocking at the glass to ask for food. If the
fish breathe heavily, this shows something wrong with the gill (Gill Fluke).
If you see white dropping faeces, the fish has internal parasites.

Patterns and Characteristic:
If the fish is red-base, it should be red and clear.
If the fish is blue-base, it should be blue and clear. (And so on)
If it is fine or thick lines, the lines must be fine or thick and clear.
If the fish is solid colour (Red, Blue, Gold, White), the colour must be
bright, clear and clean, no peppering or dust.

Eyes colours vary to their base-colours. Most people like red colour.

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