How to choose pair to breed discus?

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I have tried so long and still can’t get it. Currently I have 11 discus from diffrent breed and all are almost 2 years old .


Out of 11 fishes do you know how many male and female? You cannot differentiate them but the fish can. So allow them to pair up themselves. Feed them with live food and water change everyday. In breeding, discus fish prefer acidic water. When you notice the fish are chasing one another and there are two always hang around together, this must be a pair. Later on they will choose a suitable location they prefer. They will start cleaning and guarding it. You make sure this two and transfer them to a breeding tank. Leave them alone they will do the rest and spawn. Acid or vinegar can help to lower the pH and make water more acidic. You can change 50% of water everyday.

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