How to let my discus grow fat?

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I have 5 pairs of discus in my tank now and they are all about 2-4 inch. I want to breed them so I am giving them beef heart to
them whenever they wanted to eat..! Is it ok for me to feed them so often..? and is there any way to make them grow faster?

If you want to breed the discus, you have to keep the breeding stock.
The breeding stock must be well fed.
Feed them twice a day. Keep them healthy.

When can they spawn?
When they reach the maturity age, they will spawn.
How early or how fast they will spawn?
It depends on the strains.
Normally red base strains will spawn earlier than blue strains.

You can feed them often as long as you keep the water clean.
Please visit our web site guide care.
you will more information.

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