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Our water chemistry is GH 12dgh, KH 10dkh, is this ok if not then what to do soften the water?

How to reduce the PH 7.6 to 7 or 6.5?

The Top filter I am using is 300 ltr/hr, I have kept a pc of drift wood in front of the top filter pipe to cover any damage to babies.Do you think is this enough or I should remove the top filter. The top filter I am using for softening the water which includes water softener (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals) Charcoal, Bio Rings, Zeolite/Ammonite, but I noticed after 48 hrs it did not shows any good results.

For Aeration I am using a Bio-Chemical Filter in Black wool which is connected with airpump.Is it ok?

For egg laying I have fixed a 1.5″ PVC pipe white color fixed from the bottom to top of aquarium. Is this ok?

I have shifted this pair on Sunday i.e. three days before I have noticed during these days that they are not at one place, freely swimming in the aquarium whereas in my group tank they were at one place even after laying the eggs, but they ate all eggs, even after eating all eggs, they were at the same place. What happened?

You can get this in the aquarium shop.
They include pH tester, pH up and pH down solutions.

The Top filter (Overhead filter)
It is not necessary in the maternity tank.

Water softener
Not necessary if they can spawn.

Bio-Chemical, Filter in Black wool, air pump.
You make thing too complicated.
Allow them to grow natural ways.

Not at one place, freely swimming in the aquarium
This is their home. No other fish around.
They feel secured.
They have no need to guard their eggs.

But they ate all eggs.
They have been disturbed.

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