HQRP Blue + White Aquarium Reef Corals Grow LED Light Panel 13.8W 150 White + 70 Blue LED 7000K / 460 nm + UV Tester

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HQRP Blue + White Aquarium Reef Corals Grow LED Light Panel 13.8W 150 White + 70 Blue LED 7000K / 460 nm + UV Tester

This LED light panel is ideal because a lasting, year-round Aquarium plus Plant light answer for fish, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, bugs plus plant tanks plus benches.

LED lights are indispensable for living elements including fish, aquatic, plankton inside aquarium. This technologies has been scientifically proven by the scientific community to offer impressive development among these organisms, equally improving wellness among different advantages. This Blue plus White Mixed LED Grow Light Panel is equally superior for Mammals, Amphibians, Reptiles to advertise greater wellness plus consequently development.

The research behind this product is composed of combining the beneficial effects of 2 different light spectrums inside unison to offer the number one results. The White Light: shiny white light makes water more limpid, as well as the color more vivid; this promotes the photosynthesis for the aquatic life-forms, particularly for green seaweeds. This white light is appropriate for aquatic existence plus has a really promising impact on both seaweed & fish development. Due to its pretty sturdy penetration, this light might lead to providing a great graphic scene found on the aquarium, surpassing much of the competition.

The Blue Light: water becomes a pure navy blue inside this light . This light is specifically beneficial for corals, pikes, shrimp, etc. It boosts the consumption of the calcium & further synthesizes Vitamin D3 for corals, generating them grow quicker when offering off a truly fresh plus colourful appearance.

LEDs: 225 psc (113 Blue, 112 White);

Spectrum: Blue 450nm, White 7000K;

No infrared rays or uv radiation. Minimal heat;

Electrical Consum.: 14 Watt Power;

Working Voltage: 110V to 220V;

Lumen: Blue 5.55 Lux x 113 LEDs, White 6.93 Lux x 112 LEDs;

Dimensions: 12,2″x12,2″x1.45″;

Material: Thermoplastic body, Die-cast Chrome Circuitry board;

Metal, reliable dangling kit for convenient set up;

Perfect for interior growing.
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  • HQRP® Aquarium Reef Corals Grow LED Panel Lamp System and HQRP® UV Chain / UV Radiation Hea
  • 225 LED’s; 112 White LED lights (7000K) + 113 Blue LED lights (450 nm wavelength);
  • Material/Dimensions: Thermoplastic body, Die-cast Chrome Circuitry board;
  • 12¼” (25.5cm) square panel: 1.25″ (3.175 cm) width, Power Chord length: 48″;
  • Electrical Consumption: 14 Watt Power, Working Voltage: 110V to 220V; 100 Days Warranty.

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