Hydor 50w Hydrokable Substrate Heater, 20′ – for Aquariums 16-33 gal

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Hydor 50w Hydrokable Substrate Heater, 20' - for Aquariums 16-33 gal

Heating cable for aquariums plus terrariums. Hydrokable guarantees standard plus even heating. It generates a slow water circulation from the information found on the bottom of the tank, therefore creating the all-natural impact of water bearing stratum.

  • Suitable for tropical aquariums plus terrariums
  • Heating cable with suction cups for best positioning
  • works completely secure submerged inside water or inside a dry habitat
  • Totally secure – double silicone insulation guarantees total safety
  • 50W, 16-33 gal aquariums

List Price: $ 26.14 Price:

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