Hydor H2Show Volcano Kit with Red LED plus Bubbles

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Hydor H2Show Volcano Kit with Red LED plus Bubbles

The newly redesigned H2Show Volcano Kit by Hydor involves a hand-painted resin ornament, bubble creator along with a red LED spotlight. Whenever combined, red bubbles flow within the top of the ornament, creating the specific impact of a erupting volcano. Transparent Lava Flows” found on the ornament permit light within the red LED to shine from adding the additional impact of overflowing lava. Ideal for aquariums ranging from 13 to 52 gallons.This product is made to accept 115v – 60hz just (Works inside Us only).
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  • Hand-painted ornament hides most equipment.
  • Easy plus easy to install
  • Creates fantastic effects inside the aquarium
  • Low stamina expenditure.
  • Suitable for utilize inside freshwater aquriums about 52 gal

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