Hyperactive fish!

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My discus fish occasionally decides the swim very rapidly to the top of the tank and then darts around furiously, ripping up gravel and plants in a frenzied fit for about 10 seconds. It is quite disturbing. After the fit it breathes heavily for 15 min and then just remains still for a day. Would you know what it is from?

Fish tank tips for discus fish.
If your discus is always hiding, staying in a corner, easily frighten and not going for food when feeding, most likely they are not happy with its surroundings.

You need to find out the reasons and help them:
1. Positioning of aquarium. Vibrations caused by people opening and closing doors, walking up and down the stairs make the fish jumpy and slow to settle down. Put the fish tank in a light traffic area.
2. Fish does not like shadows. It will frighten them. Setup an overhead lighting on the aquarium. The fish will feel better. You can see them better but they cannot see you. All aquarium shops have lighting on their show tanks. The fish are not scared with all the people looking at them.

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